Treatment For Nephritic Syndrome

Treatment for nephritic syndrome varies depending on the underlying cause. Treatment for this condition may involve medication to control the underlying condition, and changes in diet. In children with MCD, steroids xfire may be prescribed. Diuretics help reduce fluid retention and swelling. Other medications, such as ACE inhibitors, control blood pressure and reduce the amount of protein in the urine. Immunosuppressive drugs or the pneumococcal vaccine, may be administered web series review

Children who have nephritic syndrome usually have at least two attacks during their lifetime. Attacks occur more frequently in the first two thoughtco years after the syndrome strikes, and fewer than one child in five will still be suffering from attacks after ten years. This disease does not lead to permanent kidney damage in most children, and their primary treatment task is control of fluid accumulation in the body. These medicines are given in the form of diuretics or prednisone. Although treatment for nephritic syndrome is not always possible, children with the condition are likely to lead a healthy life. hdnewspagal

Acute nephritic syndrome may require hospitalization. In addition to the above treatment options, patients with acute nephritis should avoid foods containing high sodium levels, as well as sodium-blended seasonings. Moreover, individuals with this disease should limit their intake of salt, as this may lead to the onset of kidney failure. In severe cases, kidney transplantation or hemodialysis may be needed.  newsfie


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