The Most Common Injuries From Car Accidents

Injuries sustained in a car accident are quite diverse. Depending on the severity of the crash, they can range from minor cuts and scrapes to severe wounds. In severe accidents, occupants of the vehicle or pedestrians may be thrown out of the vehicle. This happens during severe crashes or side-impact collisions. In addition to injuries to the body, car accidents can cause broken bones and even brain injuries.

Many people assume that all injuries sustained in a car accident do not require medical attention, but they are often not. Sprained ankles, cuts, and other injuries may be minor, but they could affect a person’s quality of life. A chiropractor can tell if a person has been involved in a car accident if they feel tightness in their muscles and spine. Injury victims should never try to self-diagnose injuries because they may be worse than they seem.

The hand is a delicate joint of bones, and an accident can cause it to fracture or collapse. Even if it does not require surgery, a hand fracture can lead to severe functional loss. In severe cases, fingers and toes can be amputations. Internal organ damage, such as a ruptured artery, is also common in car accidents. A fracture of any of these parts requires immediate medical attention.

Another common type of injury from a car accident involves the neck and back. Most people suffer only minor injuries, but some will sustain serious injuries. Common injuries in car accidents include whiplash and neck pain. Herniated disks can affect the nerves in the neck and cause pain, numbness, and weakness. These injuries are often not apparent until they have progressed to the point of surgery. Further, patients should see a doctor if their symptoms do not subside.

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