SumvLookup on Multiple Rows in Google Sheets

If you have multiple columns and rows in your Google Sheets table, you can combine the Sumif and Vlookup functions to find the values of a specific column or row. Here’s how. For example, if you have a column C4 that generates sales of $350 every month, you can use the Vlookup function to get the values of columns D4 and F4.

In the VLOOKUP function, you need to provide a key value from another table, called search_key. topportal This can either be a value or a reference to a cell containing that value. You will also need a range of cells in the source table, which must contain the search_key and the target value in the first column. Once you’ve chosen your search-key, you’ll have to create a formula that retrieves the results from that row.

To perform a sumvlookup on multiple rows, you will first need to enter the formula for the function into a blank cell. Then, you will need to press the Ctrl + Shift+Enter key to enter the formula. Then, type “sum” and hit Enter. The formula should return the values of both columns, but you will need to enter the first column in cell A1 and the last column in cell F3.

Unlike VLOOKUP, the function is more versatile. It can search for data in multiple columns, such as Salary of an employee from a specific department in a particular zip code. However, the syntax for this function is different from that of the VLOOKUP formula. For example, you can use “showtime” to lookup Movie and Showtime. To use a subscript for webtoon this function, you need to click Alt + F11, and then create a new Sub.

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