KingKongXO – A Closer Look at the Phenomenon

1. DRX vs. KDF

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DRX’s biggest win condition will undoubtedly be Deft and slotxo ability to carry DRX in the mid-late game. However, LSB’s rookie bot lane is a force to be reckoned with as well.

KDF’s top lane is strong enough to keep up with DRX’s mid-late game carry, but their team synergy will have to be at its peak for DRX to take the win. Join our Telegram channel to get latest & fastest updates.

2. DRX vs. SK

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Zeka from team DRX entered Worlds 2022 with low expectations from almost every professional analyst. But he mb slotxo put on a masterclass, including solo killing famous EDG mid laner Scout four times and beating what many consider the best AD carry in the world, Gen.G Chovy in a four game series.

Faker, on the other hand, is the most accomplished League of Legends player of all time with four world championship titles under his belt. He’s a true legend that even future pro players may never come close to matching. His match up against T1 in this final’s grand final is one of the biggest matches in history and could potentially decide who gets to take home the Summoner’s Cup.

3. DRX vs. RNG

The second day of Worlds 2022 Play-In saw DRX dominate in a group that should have been a battle for second place. The North American team looked strong throughout the series, only taking on fights they felt they could win. Pyosik looked unstoppable as he roamed the jungle and cleaned up map objectives, while BeryL and Deft dominated in team fights.

DRX did struggle in the early game against MAD Lions, but they were still able to win by putting pressure on their opponents and winning team fights. Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo made a great start on Akali, beating Scout in a 1v1 and cleaning up the MAD Lions at the Baron pit.

The latest League of Legends betting odds show that RNG are heavy favorites to beat DRX, and this might be fair given that the Korean side won more games this season. However, this is a matchup that could produce an interesting clash of styles.

4. DRX vs. RNG

RNG and DRX fought it out in the final game of the day on the first night of Worlds 2022 Play-In action. The match was delayed for nearly two hours, but it was well worth the wait. The game was packed with drama and a lot of fighting. It featured a Hextech Dragon, two Barons and three champion tournament debuts, including mid สล็อตslotxo impressive performance as Akali.

The match was a close one, but DRX held on to secure the win. They were aided by the stellar performance of their top laner Deft, who made sure to get his first win at Worlds with a massive base push alongside his team-mates.

RNG was a good team in the regular season, but they struggled to perform at the highest level of competition. This is why the betting odds suggest that this is a game to lose for them. DRX, on the other hand, is one of the favorites to win the whole thing.

5. DRX vs. RNG

DRX was on exactly zero people’s lists of the four best teams to represent Korea at Worlds 2022, but they looked the part in a game many counted them out of. They took an early four-kill lead with ease as Deft and Breathe kept the bottom lane in check and allowed Zeka to play around vision.

In team fights, they picked their spots carefully and didn’t dive in until they had the numbers on their side. They also kept the laning up for themselves, which was critical against an RNG team that relies heavily on GALA to carry games.

The game was a bit of a blowout in the end, but it was an entertaining one nonetheless. DRX is still an underdog against RNG, but they have the tools to cause an upset. And since this is a best-of-one series, anything can happen. Unlike online kingkongxo slot, which offers high payout percentages, this game is not available to all players.

6. DRX vs. SK

The second week of the VCT Pacific League has just started. On April 3, we’ll see Global Esports take on DRX in what is sure to be an interesting matchup. The two teams have had very different trajectories. DRX, formerly known as Kingzone DragonX, came from the Play-ins and won the World Championship 2022. They’re now the first team from a non-traditional region to make it all the way to the finals and allowed legendary AD carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu to finally win a Summoner’s Cup title after ten years of trying.

On the other hand, SK is coming off of a disappointing Summer Split and has yet to prove that they’re the best team in the league. Still, the team has shown a lot of promise and could be a real contender in the future if they can put it all together. Regardless of what happens, this is going to be an exciting matchup.

7. DRX vs. RNG

DRX was on almost no one’s list of teams to beat at Worlds 2022 but the fourth seed from Korea has been well ahead of expectations in their first five games of the tournament. The key to this early success has been mid laner Zeka, who looks to be playing better than ever at the highest level of the game.

While it is easy to assume that RNG will win based on their performance this season, it is important to remember that best-of-five matches can change everything. It is also worth considering that RNG will be relying heavily on bot laner GALA to carry them, and shutting him down will be vital for DRX’s chances of winning.

DRX’s top laner Kingen and ADC Deft have both been performing solidly for the team, and they look set to be a big threat alongside support BeryL. However, the real question for DRX will be whether to play their most well-rounded jungler Juhan or firebrand Pyosik.

8. DRX vs. SK

The last series at Worlds 2022 between DRX and T1 is being hailed by fans and analysts alike as one of the greatest League of Legends matches ever. From incredible mechanical outplays to frantic teamfights, this match had it all.

The first point in the game came from a steal at the dragon pit, when Pyosik’s Kindred was caught out of position and forced to leave a slotxo game 88 to get back into his jungle. That allowed DRX to rush in and grab the Ocean Drake with ease, and on top lane, Zeka and Azir pushed hard against T1’s poke comp.


After this, DRX continued to pressure the top side of T1 with a fast-paced and aggressive game. While they gave up some early objectives, Deft’s Baron and Soul point combos kept the pressure on and eventually, the underdogs broke through. With the victory, DRX became this year’s World Champion in what may be the most bittersweet David-and-Goliath story in League history.

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