Hip Hop Influence on Fashion

Hip-hop has had a big influence on fashion, and the styles of rap artists have spread throughout the world. Hip hop is not only about music, but also about slang. Rappers create new words that can be heard by freshwap everyone, and the dances they perform are copied by news anchors and celebrities. Hip-hop music and style are not just for kids, though – many adults wear the clothes they see on rap stars.

The hip-hop era started with a sub-genre merdb called b-boy fashion, which was dominated by street-tuff gold chains, shell-toe sneakers, and ‘phat laces.’ The b-boy look was soon followed by the more conservative gangster look, influenced by the era’s Latin American gang culture. As a subset of hip-hop fashion, womenswear became a major trend in the 90s, led by artists such as Eve and Lauryn Hill.

Although hip-hop began in the underground Black and Latino communities of New York City, it quickly rose to global sportspress prominence in the last half century. Hip-hop culture fueled the rise of urban fashion in America, and brand managers saw a huge opportunity to advertise their products in hip-hop fashion. As a result, people began to copy hip hop fashion and wear it to show their financial success. These trends have now spread to other genres, including traditional fashion and contemporary designs.

Rappers such as Soulja Boy and Rick Rodd have elibrary influenced fashion in a variety of ways. Their clothing designs and hairstyles have become iconic in their own right. These trends can be seen everywhere, from high-fashion fashion shows to streetwear. Many hip-hop designers have become huge stars in the fashion industry. They’ve become more popular than ever and are celebrated on codeplex the runways, which are just some of the ways they’ve affected fashion.

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