Business Credit Cards For New Businesses With No Credit History

Traditional funding sources for new moviesverse businesses with no credit history are often unavailable. While bank loans can provide an excellent start-up capital, personal guarantees are often required. However, business credit cards with no personal guarantee can be the perfect solution for new businesses that don’t yet have an established track record of paying their bills. These cards report payments to business credit reporting agencies, which are essential to building up a positive business credit history. starmusiq

While choosing the best business credit card, remember that the criteria differ by issuer. Some issuers charge foreign transaction fees and have long intro APR periods. Look for one that will suit your business’s spending habits. For example, American Express offers a Blue Business Plus card that has a 0% intro period and reports activity to the business credit bureaus. Taking care to make all your payments on time is an important part of building a business credit history.

A business credit card will typically report its activity to a separate business credit report, although some issuers choose to report to a consumer bureau. Capital One and Discover business cards will report to both consumer and business bureaus. To obtain a business credit card, you’ll need your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Social Security number. Your business name can be printed on the credit card for added protection.

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