Business Casual Vs Smart Casual

There are many differences between business casual and smart-casual dressing. Some businesses prefer business casual attire, while others opt for smarter versions. Smart-casual clothing is appropriate for almost any type of situation. The key to dressing for success at work is to dress well for the situation. In fact, dressing smart is simply a matter of good manners. Luckily, there is no hard-and-fast rule to what is considered business-casual.

For example, mixing jackets and trousers can take you into smart-casual territory, so stick with a suit. For a smart-casual look, wear a single-breasted jacket with pleated trousers. You may skip the tie, but consider wearing a white or cream shirt without one. If you don’t want to compromise your suit, try wearing knitwear between the jacket and shirt. A muted pocket square will also do the trick.

In addition to denim jeans and button-down shirts, smart-casual outfits include other elements of dressy attire. The combination of formal and casual clothing creates a unique melding aesthetic. It allows the wearer to look well-dressed without feeling overdressed. However, there are some important differences between smart-casual and business-casual. Make sure to find out what your company’s dress code is before deciding on what to wear.

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